A drawing a day in the year of the snake

Hisssss! It’s the year of the snake. 36 years ago I slithered out into the big bad world, and shortly after decided I’d be an artist. I don’t like to be too superstitious about astrology or the chinese zodiac and mostly I don’t buy into it, but I’ve always felt that your Chinese zodiac birth year is a good excuse to try an make your mark. So I’m taking that challenge very literally and going to make lots of marks this year, lot’s of drawings to be precise.

I’m going to draw everyday in this snake year, and I’m about 17 days late so I’ll have to encroach on the year of the horse a little. I know how the proud horses can be about their space and I apologise for my lazy slow off the mark snake ways.

I have two small children so I’m not literally going to complete a drawing everyday, but I am going to draw everyday and also post something online everyday via my blog, Facebook, Instagram, or other online media. I’m not making any criteria for these drawing’s some may be observational, some may be related to my commercial and personal art projects, some may be Thomas the tank engine drawings I did with my two year old!

I’d love to also post up (or link to other peoples) work from anyone else who’d like to participate in this drawing challenge, it would be great to see how drawings progress amongst a group of people over the course of a year, so hit me up if you’re interested!

Here’s the first drawing, I found this Banksia tree cone  about 4 months ago and thought I’m gonna draw that! It’s been sitting on my window-sill taunting me and growing brittle ever since… that is until Chinese new year gave me the much needed kick in the rear!