Awake & Dreaming

“Awake & Dreaming”  is an augmented reality animation and mural created for City of Moreland’s “Smart ARt Moreland” project

This project consists of a mural that combines surreal and fantasy imagery with local native flora and an  augmented reality animation.
It was created for City of Moreland’s “Smart ARt Moreland” project and the AR animation can be viewed on your smartphone via the app “EyeJack”.
The mural, illustrations and animation concept were created by Hayden Dewar, the animation was created by the ever talented Julian Lawrence
and RDMX provided the music

SmartARt Moreland is a collaboration between @morelandcouncil and artists to create augmented reality murals using the EyeJack app.
There are 5 animated murals in the laneways around Bonwick Street, Fawkner, and 5 more to discover throughout Brunswick.

Mediums: Exterior Acrylic & Aerosol spray-paint, Digital illustration & animation plus Augmented reality technology
Client: Moreland City Council