East Reservoir leisure centre mural

Mural for East Reservoir leisure centre and City of Darebin

A lot of creative freedom was given, with only the direction of incorporating themes to do with the diversity and flora of the area. My design combines the use of my own personal surreal imagery to convey an image that is a metaphor for diversity, and creative spirit. Also featured are a number of my own ‘Solarquin’ characters, they too are meant to be creative spirits and sources of inspiration, they are also in flight on top of large Mollusk shells powered by local Yellow Gum tree branches. Last but definitely not least to the left of the central being is a Wedge tailed eagle. This represents Bunjil – the central character in the indigenous Australian dream-time creation story. If reading the mural left to right like a book Bunjil features at the start, referencing the utmost importance of indigenous culture and depicting the first Australian Story.

Mediums: Exterior Acrylic & Aerosol spray-paint
Client: City of Darebin