“Roots” is a mural created for City of Greater Dandenong council as part of their “Transformed” public art program.

The design was inspired by a significant old tree in Noble Park where the mural is located.
The tree was a meeting place and remains a symbol of community for the area.
In the mural the roots of the tree depicted symbolise the many and varied people and cultures that make up the population of Noble Park and the roots they have put down.

The mural was painted in a Trompe l’oeil or optical illusion style, so that when viewed from the corner of Mons Pde & Ian street it looks like the wall is opening up and revealing a world inside.
This world inside consists of local flora and fauna significant to the area and the river red gum tree depicted and includes:
A musk lorikeet, Skink lizard, Sugar glider, Sacred Kingfisher and River red gum leaves and flowers

Mediums: Exterior Acrylic & Aerosol spray-paint
Client: City of Greater Dandenong council