Sanger Reserve mural

Mural at Sanger reserve in North Coburg

The mural was themed on Coburg’s indigenous flora & fauna and it’s industrial history. It features reminders of Coburg’s interesting past such as Pentridge prison, a blue stone quarry, an FC Holden (as a reference to the prevalence of motor repair shops and mechanics in the area), as well as native flora and fauna including a Rainbow Lorikeet, Wombat, Blue tongued lizard, Native blue banded bee and Blue flax Lily. These elements are all depicted on an imagined landscape of past & present bringing the spirit of Coburg of long ago and recent together to convey a sense of the rich and eclectic history of this place.

Mediums: Exterior Acrylic & Aerosol spray-paint
Client: City of Moreland & Vicon electrical motor repairs