Set the controls to harness the sun

“Set the controls to harness the sun” is a mural painted on Victoria’s first solar powered community battery.

The themes of solar power and sustainability were depicted through the use of my signature “Solarquin” characters and their activities. As these characters already have the back-story of being powered by the sun and being guardians of the natural world, having them promote this important initiative was a perfect match.

The sun is featured prominently and the Solarquins are depicted alongside some local native flora and fauna conveying ideas of sustainability and care for the environment as they repurpose and recycle numerous old nostalgic objects.

Look out for more of these colourful boxes, as this is the first of many in this great initiative driven by Yarra Energy Foundation!

Mediums: Exterior Acrylic & Aerosol spray-paint
Client: Yarra Energy Foundation