Time & Place

“Time & place” is a history & nature themed mural in Ringwood.
Depicted here are the Ringwood clock tower & war memorial (also a reference to the flow of time), an antimony crystal (referencing the antimony mine that employed many from the surrounding area), a steam train (referencing the fast development of the area once the train line extended to the area), and some large scale fruit (referencing the apple and pear orchards that were once prevalent in the area).

Amongst all of this is some local flora and fauna:Cowslip flowers, native violets, Spotted Pardalote, and my ever present Solarquins – keeping watch and floating along on flowering yellow box eucalyptus leaves.

The height access and install time limitations for this site were a plus for me as it gave me the opportunity to do another large-scale roller pole painting.

Medium: Acrylic exterior
Client: Maroondah city council