Watering Werribee

“Watering Werribee” is the title of the mural painted on the Water Tower at 1 Tower rd Werribee at the Southern Rural Water Offices.

The project was conceived of and commissioned by Arts Assist Wyndham to rejuvenate the historical water tower and  celebrate the history of water supply and in the area and the role it has played in growing the township.

The mural features depictions of people that were inspired by historical reference photos supplied.
Due to the age and low resolution of the photos models were used to recreate these figures and create portraits that are not a representation of any particular person,
but rather a depiction of the kind of work and workers that played a vital role in the history of the areas water supply.

Members of Arts Assist suggested using the design feature of having the imagery look like it is under water.
This together with the device of a giant forked tree branch formed a design that is divided into the front that celebrates the history of the area’s water supply, farming and market gardens,
and at the rear and sides celebrates the Werribee river and it’s flora and fauna.

The depiction of the Werribee river features a Growling grass frog, platypus and an abundance of bushland and scrub that can be found alongside the river.

Special thanks to Shmek One for assisting throughout the project.