Work, Play, Connect part 1

“Work, Play, Connect” is a large scale, two wall mural project at the Jean street reserve in Cheltenham.

Running with the theme of “connection”, some items found at the nearby Moorabbin historical society provided inspiration to tell a story about the area surrounding the mural – its history and natural surrounds.
An old potato harvester and old bike laiden with fruit reference the history of the area and it’s market gardens and are also respectively symbolic of the idea of “work” and “play” (the playfulness and colours and playground setting also a nod to play).

A triton shell as always represents the infinite cycle, but also the proximity to the bay.
Local native Flora and fauna, Red browed finch, possum, eucalyptus and wattle are all mingling with his formation,
and most importantly an old kettle and tea set (tea set featured on wall 2) found at the historical society symbolise the idea of having a cuppa and “connecting”.

Medium: Acrylic exterior
Client: City of Kingston