Personal artworks -The language of objects

This work was completed a few months ago for ‘Little Plenty’ (A small works group show that I took part in). I didn’t post this work back then because I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome colour-wise.
Here I’ve digitally altered some of the colours to get them a bit closer to how I’d have liked them. I’m looking forward to getting the time to make a new bunch of work in this vein soon… this time reining in the colour a bit.

The work itself is basically inspired by the language and relationship of objects and the feelings that can be evoked with unusual object combinations.
I really like the idea of stripping objects of their intended purpose and giving them a use beyond that.

It’s not a new idea, and possibly not even interesting to anyone other than myself, but I don’t really care… I’m enjoying this as an organic exploration for the moment so hopefully it takes on a life of it’s own and goes in an interesting and unexpected direction.