Recent private commission

This piece is a recent private commission by a friend’s partner for his birthday. A celebration of one man’s life so far – Passions, fond memories, cultural heritage and significant life events are all depicted here.

The main thrust of the brief for this work was to create a piece similar to some earlier work of mine (see here), in which I created a surreal timeline/landscape – a depiction of significant significant objects, pop culture items and people from my own life. I was given a list of key things to include, other than that I had a lot of freedom to play with the composition, colours and even some of the colours.

The medium is acrylic on 600 gsm Arches hot press paper, size: 54 X 100cm

Below is the final piece, the rough designs and some very dodgy progress pics!

Final finished artwork


Initial rough designs




Final design



Progress pics (sorry about the quality!)

progress3 progress4 progress5 progress6 progress7