New Wrinkles

Having recently completed NMIT’s Bachelor of illustration, my classmates and I staged an industry launch exhibition of new work completed since leaving the course. The opening night was last Friday Feb 24th and it was a massive success. The organisation of the exhibition took a lot of hard work and effort from all involved, so bigups to all of us for putting on an excellent show!

The work I created for the show drew on similar dream and childhood memory themes to those explored at school. Some subject matter also cropped up: the industrial wreckage of modern man juxtaposed with the natural world, fusing together for new invention and abstractions.

The following are some development shots of my work as well as some snaps of the night.

initial designs for some circular pieces on plywood spinning wheels

Progress shots, I still need to get back to the gallery to get proper pics of them finished!
A commission from the previous post, kindly lent to me by the owner for the show.

I was looking for images of old industrial wreckage, went to the old brunswick brickworks, found this machine sitting out in the open and got inspired.  

My son Quin discovers Erika De Vos’ spirit mountain sculpture

More child friendly art by Erika