Concept art project: Helmet

I’ve recently been commissioned as the principal concept artist for a short science fiction film.
The project has entailed a range of design work including symbols, cyborg body parts and a helmet that the main character in the film is to wear. Can’t say too much else about the film, its pretty top secret.

A few weeks ago as an addition to the design work for the helmet I completed work on a maquette model of the helmet to aid the prop builder in making it. It’s a complex piece of design work and a 3D model was required to be able properly interpret the overlapping forms that make up the structure of the helmet. Its slightly smaller than actual size and was modelled onto a small female mannequin head.

The maquette is made of cardboard, wire, paper mache and clay. I’m not primarily a sculptor so its far from perfect but over all I’m pretty happy with the result and confident it will serve its purpose.

Here are photo’s of eight rotations of the maquette, some development shots and the corresponding eight illustrated rotations that made up the design work, enjoy and stay tuned for more work from this ongoing project.

Development pics

Original designs