Concept art project: cyborg design

As part of an ongoing concept art project for a film I have designed a ‘chest-unit’ for a cyborg character in the film. This is comprised of a door on the characters chest that opens revealing a heart housed and supported by a cybernetic compartment.

The process involved submitting numerous variations to work toward a specific look that suited the characters backstory.

Here are the final illustrations and some of the rough designs too, enjoy! More from this project to come soon..

The final door design
The final internal compartment design

A very early design for the door.. the circular design wasn’t suitable for the character..
The embryos of the ‘egg shape’ (no pun intended!) design

Final designs, design ‘C’ was chosen

An early design for the compartment, working with a circular door concept

Early egg shape designs

The final internal compartment designs, design ‘A’ was chosen