Off with the fairies

Well the universe must know that I recently became a father to a little girl… my current project involves creating the brand identity, mural art, and web-presence for a Fairy party & fairy merchandise shop!

Its a far cry from anything I’ve done before, but I must say I’m enjoying creating something that children will see as a little bit magical:)

The following is the logo that we arrived at, and some roughs (very very rough!) and progress shots of the mural art. I’ll post the finished work soon.

The shop is called Fairy Land Emporium, located at 314 Melbourne road Newport. Parents with little kids in the area, I highly recommend you drop in and chat to Nat about planning an awesome fairy party for your little ones!

This final logo was inspired by a combination of the Flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker and the colourful outfits that Nat has on offer in the shop. Size considerations for how the logo would sit on the window and the fascia were a big factor in the final logo size. I created a custom font based on a few different fonts that were not quite what was needed, the key words for the font were ‘Tim burtonish’ ‘Wonky’ and ‘Happy looking’! 
Here’s how the logo looks on the shops light-box, I really dig this pink! 
The final drawing for the logo, before it got all vectored up.
The initial selected rough (one of three designs)

Here’s how the logo looks on the fascia and shop window, respectively.
Super rough mockup for the mural art on the walls. 
Both sides of the shop are to be painted end to end, top to bottom.
The following is the progress of the mural art so far…