Taurean Kitchen

First post for the year… first post in a while too. This is the first of a few things from 2014 that I never posted due to my lack of blog proactivity (something I hope to change in 2015!).

This project is an illustration that was printed on to a large banner for a food van business run out of Byron Bay. The client’s brief was to create an image of a blonde nurturing earthly goddess type character adorned in fresh fruit and veg. Other key elements requested for inclusion were a mango tree, an owl, a snake, and a reference to taurus (horns and/or a bull’s skull) – all of these things have a certain significance to the client and also the business brand that the image represents.

Running with all of this and taking the bull by the horns (sorry, I had to), I submitted a number of roughs and ultimately arrived at the rather symmetrical design you see below. I was aiming for equal parts enticing, nurturing, beautiful and mystical. But also a touch of the dark and mysterious.

The work consists of large graphite drawings with digital colouring. Below is the final artwork along with the original drawing and some rough designs.

Final Artwork


Original Drawing


Rough 1


Rough 2


Rough 3


Rough 4